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Should I Consider joining the Citizens Band

‘I played in the band way back when. And, it was fun. But, can I do it again?’

Can I Play the music

You can ease into the music by selecting a part you are most comfortable with. For some instruments there are 2nd and 3rd parts. Additionally, there are Basic Parts that allow you to play with the band, and allow you to once again get familiar with your instrument. The Basic parts are truly a part of the arrangement, and contribute to the full band sound. If you play an instrument that doesn't currently have a basic part, we will create one for you.

Here is a sample:

Here is an clip of this piece so you can follow along.

What about an Instrument

You will, of course, need an instrument. If you have your old instrument, it may be just a matter of cleaning it up, and maybe making some minor repairs. If you don't have an instrument, get in touch with us, we may be able to help to find one.

What is the difference between the Citizens Band and the Alumni Band

The Alumni Band is composed of former PAHS band students, their families, as well as all members of the Citizens Band. The Alumni Band comes together once a year to do a concert to promote the music accomplishments and participation by PAHS alumni in the PAHS Band through the years.

The Citizens Band is composed of community members who wish to provide traditional band music to the public. The band plays several performance through the summer months. Participation in the band needs to be fun and can’t impinge on other responsibilities and expectations of the members. Members participate as they are willing and able. Although, we have fun, it is still necessary that playing ones best is important and should be done will all seriousness. The Band takes it's name from a Punxsutawney Community band from the early 20th Century. We strive to keep that tradition alive.

Further Information

More details on events will be provided as it becomes available.