Punxsutawney School Gallery

North MahoningBush1914
 Trade City1960


Bush (1914)

Shaffer (1930)

Gamble (1939)

Georgeville (1941)

Coolspring (1942)

Diltz (1958)

Hwy 210 South of W. Creek Rd
Latitude: 40.85667 : Longitude: -79.08389
Diltz School Location Map

Trade City (1960)

Marchand (1960)

Covode (1960)

Covode School
Hwy 119S in Covode

Though, not one of the schools that made up the district, there was another interesting school in North Mahoning Township, it was the Covode Academy, which was located just North of the Covode school.
Covode Academy

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