Punxsutawney School Gallery

Closed Schools of the Punxsutawney Area

A number of years ago. . . make that probably a couple of decades ago. . . I got interested in all the schools that had been consolidated to form the Punxsutawney Area School District. I asked the district about the schools that existed prior to the consolidation, and was given a list that contained more than the schools that were closed in the 1950's. It also contained schools that had been closed years before that. Consequently, the project took on new parameters. As I discovered school houses, I would photograph them. Then I moved on to other projects, and the slides sat in a drawer nearly forgotten.

I would like to now share this project with others. Maybe you have some knowledge about these schools, or the schools I haven't located. Maybe, with some help we can complete this list. Included are township maps with the location of where schools are supposed to be.

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In the publication, Punxsutawney - - 1909, it states:

First School House.-The first school house was built in Punxsutawney in 1822, of round logs, on a lot near the site of the present new school house." [ The Jefferson buildling was built in 1909 ] Chinks between the logs, over which greased paper was tacked, served as windows. The floor was of puncheous, and the seats were made of broad pieces of spilt logs hewn smooth on the upper side, with pins in the under side for legs. Boards fastened to the walls served as writing desks, and there was a log file place at one end of the house." The next temple of knowledge was as frame structure located on the southwest corner of the Public Square. In 1867 a brick school house was built where 5the new Jefferson Street school now stands. Prior to 1835 the schools were all subscription schools. In 1835 a man named Timblin made application for the Punxsutawney school under the new common school system. The board of examiners consisted of James Torrence, James Winslow,and C. C. Gaskill. He was examined in reading, writing, and arithmetic. The text books used were the United States Speller, the English Reader and the Western Calculator. The first State aid received for common schools was in 1835, when Jefferson County's share was $104.94. Last year Punxsutawney alone received $7,926.49. Among the early teachers were a Miss Cook, Miss Pearl Roundy, Joseph R. Hutchison, Lemuel Carey, and George Hammers, father of the late City Superintendent A,M. Hammers. Punxsutawney is now an independent school district, with about 1,800 school children, requiring forty-five teachers. The schools are presided over at present by Prof. F.S. Jackson city superintendent.

 Cross Roads1941
 Pleasant Dale1953
 Pine Grove1955
BellNorth Grube1919
 Furnondag #11925
 Furnondag #21926
 Trout Run1946
 Cloe #11959
 Cloe #21959
 Albion #11959
Big RunBig Run High School1951
CanoeEast End School
 Central School
 Middle School1918
Canoe IndependentHenry1952
Henderson Wayne1928
 Lower Buchheit1932
 Cross Roads1947
 Upper Buchheit #11954
 Upper Buchheit #21954
 Old Anita1918
 Battle Hollow1942
 Anita High School1942
North MahoningBush1914
 Trade City1960
OliverLaurel Ridge1941
 Burkett Hollow1943
 Sprankle Mills1960
 Pine Run1930
 Pine Run1960
Timblin Timblin #11943
 Timblin #31958
 Timblin #21960
 Anita #21949
 Anita #1 (lower)1959
 Snyder Hill1959